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Becky lynch shirt

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Pocket change compared to Mullers investigation that’s come up with nothing, a waste of tax payers money. The government is paying for troops whether deployed or not and vehicles need maintenance as well. More tax money has been spent on the Becky lynch shirt investigate, and no evidence to show for it.

Becky lynch shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Becky lynch tank top

Tank top

Trump supporters don’t care as long as he turns America all whiteThe local national guard would have been better to keep in a peaceful orderly manner. I personally don’t care it’s about time out Troops and in our Country fighting for US. He hasn’t said word one about the Becky lynch shirt since Election Day Our troops get paid whether at the border or sitting in camp doing routine.

Becky lynch ladies tee

Ladies tee

Trump 2020 And how much did granting over a million people amnesty cost the US. Whatever the cost to protect our Country 200M 300M no matter cz would cost us more if we lost our Freedom. Be paying it welfare healthcare food and so much moreMaybe he’ll tell the Army he wasn’t satisfied with the job and tell them to accept a lower amount of the Becky lynch shirt.

Becky lynch hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Becky lynch hoodie


I say build it and the Becky lynch shirt will just sit back and laugh after it fails. They get paid for every day anyway God bless Trump and these troops thanks for there services and our freedom to this great countryYet, he won’t provide that much in aid for helping people in need. Doesn’t make senseI suppose democrats should embrace our immigration laws so we don’t have to go to such extreme measures.

Becky lynch sweater


Don’t y’all complain about the Becky lynch shirt not being able to take care of us properly now. Although we could just enforce laws already on the books as wellHey Obama gave billions to Iran,a country that chants death to America everyday. We are paying this cost if our military sits on base or on our border.


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