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Blexit Shirt

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He’s spent more going back and forth to Maralago than on the Blexit shirt. And to think he could have had a parade and part of a wall with that money OR He could use it for Vets instead of cutting the VA Budget. Fake NewsHow much does it cost per day to fund able bodied mothers who instead use food stamps for name brand soft drinks and poptarts.

Blexit shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Blexit tank top

Tank top

For a threat of immigrants which may not even get to the Blexit shirt for weeks. He doesn’t care what it costs just wants to ruin the holidays for those military families,he is so very deplorable,Clinton nailed it. As if those two groups arent serviced by two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT agencies)Political stunt how much will this cost us.

Blexit ladies tee

Ladies tee

On 11 11 istead of honoring America’s VETERANS self serving Michelle Obama released her Blexit shirt. When government providing safety to country there will be always involvement of cost, don’t worry America has surplus reserved.

Blexit hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Blexit hoodie


This is much better use of my tax $$ if it keeps those not eligible for asylum from entering. I got an Idea, just drop a Moab on the Blexit shirt and get it over with. It’ll cost much more in court costs and welfare programs if we let them in.

Blexit sweater


Considering they will not be allowed to engage, this money certainly could have been better spent on. Wrong direction with the walls that won’t do any good, I live six miles from the Blexit shirt is nonsense. Murica Please let us know how much it costs the US to house, feed, and provide medical care for a family of 4 entering the US illegally.


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