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Brown dangerous shirt

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There is actually very little extra cost having them stationed at the Brown dangerous shirt is much cheaper than them being stationed overseas, or in a combat zone. Again the media fails to tell the cost of those active duty troops at their home bases, because it is not zero. I am disgusted by this wasteful useless publicity stunt based on ignorance and a multitude of negative impulses.

Brown dangerous shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Brown dangerous tank top

Tank top

And keep our loyal troops away from friends and family all to satisfy s mentally ill pretender to the presidency. That’s the price we as US citizens pay to keep NON citizens from entering our country. Another big hit to our National Budget that Brown dangerous shirt care about is when Democrats are in power.

Brown dangerous ladies tee

Ladies tee

Do you think they’re not getting paid just because they’re on base cutting grass. I do not want the Brown dangerous shirt to enter our Country and be spending all over the Country. Common core math I supposeThis CNN (leftist, Democrat, anti president one sided) point of view assumes waste not prevention of cost.

Brown dangerous hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Brown dangerous hoodie


Now think about this, troops are getting paid,fed, training, whether they are on the Brown dangerous shirt or at the barracks. How about the cash Obama sent to Iran, or Solyndra, how many people do you think it could have helped. These men and women ate getting paid regardless if they sit at a base or deployed to an area.

Brown dangerous sweater


What does it cost if we let all those illegal immigrants into the Brown dangerous shirt of thin air his budget is already over it’s Mark and keeps on climbing. An expensive political campaign move, that we the tax payers have to pay, because Donny is playing with tax payers $.


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