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Camping priceless shirt

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The drink didn’t kill his ex wife the Camping priceless shirt in charge of the gun did. I just want to thank all the amazing women and children of America who sacrifice their lives EVERY DAY so y’all can have your guns. Please explain this to me. I find it scary that the alt right is basically calling any minority who talks about white privilege a racist, even scarier is the fact that conservatives are going along with it. No it’s not reverse racism is a weird concept, being racist against the ethnic majority is still racist, nothing reverse about it. Pretty soon your racist president will be in jail (or at least not in office) and you can stop having to defend him.

Camping priceless shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Camping priceless shirt ladies tee Ladies tee

Assuming she’s the Camping priceless shirt, as a female I wouldn’t be comfortable refusing a man wielding a knife. Hmmm, if the bartender was a male, good guy with a gun, would HE have been charged. The ends to which we go to blame women for Male violence is really quite staggering.Mark Michel like to see the White guy in the White House do a Better job. They are not going because they don’t want to be in the company of a KNOWN RACIST. I mean sure, but they all have their freedom of speech and decide how they wanna use it.

Camping priceless shirt Long sleeved Long sleeved

She was doing her job so how is she to blame for some nut killing people. Stupid USA law. Then they’ll need to charge the Camping priceless shirt mother for criminally giving birth to him, I’m so glad I don’t live in America what an absolute shit hole of a country that place is. 3 beers and a shot puts some one of average weight over the legal limit.

Camping priceless shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Camping priceless shirt hoodie Hoodie

Absolutely disgusting shes not responsible for what he went on to do Typically America with their laws. Shouldn’t the Camping priceless shirt which made it legal to carry a loaded weapon be the ones who should be charged with enabling. The blame lies solely on the murderous scumbag who went and killed all those people.

Camping priceless shirt sweater Sweater

We should charge the Camping priceless shirt for allowing guns to be sold in the first place. Yes, make her the scape goat. In a statement the NRA said The only way to beat a drunk guy with a gun is with an even drunker guy with a gun. Maybe the minister who married them should be charged as well.




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