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Dinosaur Christmas Tree Shirt

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Y’all act like we don’t pay our military if they’re not stationed at the borderI just wondering all those cost just for a immigrants. Given that Dinosaur Christmas Tree shirt is going to make them stay until he’s pulled kicking and screaming from the oval office, I’m guessing it’s going to hit a billion. Keeping America safeIf we don’t know who is in our country then we cannot keep out the ones that don’t belong, why is that a problem.

Dinosaur Christmas Tree shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Dinosaur Christmas Tree tank top

Tank top

So CNN, what is the Dinosaur Christmas Tree shirt of saving one life by preventing one illegal immigrant from killing a U. They are missing out on training and rest they should be getting between deployments.

Dinosaur Christmas Tree ladies tee

Ladies tee

By law they are only allowed to support the Dinosaur Christmas Tree shirt of Border Agents, not draw weapons, despite what the Right would have you believe. That is exactly what Corporal Bonespurs called for and what has been reported on the news. It’s a drop in the bucket for TRump using our tax dollarsThese people are Active Duty.

Dinosaur Christmas Tree hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Dinosaur Christmas Tree hoodie


It is truly unbelievable that some american citizens can’t see this Dinosaur Christmas Tree shirt, maybe you should seek asylum in some other country. Cost a hell of a lot more for an illegal to be on the.

Dinosaur Christmas Tree sweater


What will the cost of these people be on our economic system our healthcare system our education system. The troopers presently on the Dinosaur Christmas Tree shirt would not understand. Do you think he even care besides that we all know he will be getting a kick back somehow what a waste a good air he is usingAdriana Christine, you obviously have not served in any of the Services.


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