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I am Grinchaholic shirt

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I bet who ever paid for this invasion dam sure won’t support them when they get here. How much has this sociopathic president spent vacationing, campaigning, and sending troops for no good reason. That’s a drop on the I am Grinchaholic shirt are all you cnn supporters going to pick up one of these migrants and bring them home.

I am Grinchaholic shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

I am Grinchaholic tank top

Tank top

I’m betting our soldiers don’t run inside to watch Fox and Fiends when it starts raining. I rather pay Americans to protect us than pay for the I am Grinchaholic shirt of paydaysWhat a waste of taxpayers cash. Dont want to hear a single repig squeal about the cost of muellers investigation now.

I am Grinchaholic ladies tee

Ladies tee

Those tax dollars are not going to make them self we need to get these people or something they suddenly dont care about anymore. Government to Uber them to America and get them working in our country got ya. Lies just like the embassy was going to cost us 1 billion and take 2 years to buildNo word from the I am Grinchaholic shirt about removing the gun violence inside America’s borders.

I am Grinchaholic hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

I am Grinchaholic hoodie


We spent more money protecting other other and feed them for free than to take of America borders. Democrats lack of border security, causes illegal immigration to cost a trillion dollars a year. I think these Troops can better Help in California Fighting the I am Grinchaholic shirt help the People instead of Waiting for Immigrants A Month away who have no Weapons and poor Hungry moms and KidsThe election is over.

I am Grinchaholic sweater


The oppositionists are worried about the expenses involve in assigning soldiers to the I am Grinchaholic shirt is not worried on anything in sending soldiers to dangerous places in the Middle East which also cost a lot of money. At least active duty they are living in a tent rent free, just sayingJust add it to the bill for Mexico. Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free.


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