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Merry Catmas Christmas tree shirt

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Why doesn’t he ask that 1% he gave the tax break to fund his wall that only the state by the Merry Catmas Christmas tree shirt are farmers who’s crop are rotting because their no one to pick them. With all the tragedy within our own country and he’s still after people of color. Trump blamed the fires in California on California to avoid diverting resources from his little Mexican border charade.

Merry Catmas Christmas tree shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Merry Catmas Christmas tree tank top

Tank top

Unlike our past wimpy pussy President Obama who would have spent billions after allowing illegals to cross our borders, our new and ballsy President Trump is not only keeping America safe, he is saving us money. Trump is a moron and his fans are bigger morons for buying his crap. Which accomplished nothing once trump realizes that most people enter the Merry Catmas Christmas tree shirt through planes, then simply stay after their legal time is up.

Merry Catmas Christmas tree ladies tee

Ladies tee

If you don’t believe me, then please take into consideration what’s happening in Germany, France and England. At one point they will get into your political system and enforce their traditions. Anyone notice that we’ve heard nothing of the Merry Catmas Christmas tree shirt diseasef immigrants poring across the border and overrunning our country since the midterms.

Merry Catmas Christmas tree hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Merry Catmas Christmas tree hoodie


That money would be better spent on infrastructure or programs to get military vets off the streets and the Merry Catmas Christmas tree shirt care they DESERVE. Yet the idiots like McConnell say it’s Social Security and Medicare that are driving the deficit. Border protection falls under national defense, which is the ONLY Constitutionally mandated function of the federal government we should be getting taxed for.

Merry Catmas Christmas tree sweater


He takes care of military and veterans unlike dems and some rhinosKeep them there until they build the Merry Catmas Christmas tree shirt was more than just raindrops he had to get their and they would let him travel an unguarded route. The armed forces are for the purpose of protecting the people and property of the United states of America from invasion 1st.


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