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Metallic Christmas tree shirt

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But save lives from the criminals trying to come in and million’s of dollars saved on deportationattacking our borders with ur illegal homies we can save some cash. For all that think the Metallic Christmas tree shirt is to much or exaggerated to protect our borders, The exesting blood suckers now of 11 million illegals at a cost of 4. And what would be the cost to American taxpayers if they are allowed to enter our country.

Metallic Christmas tree shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Metallic Christmas tree tank top

Tank top

If they were not on the Metallic Christmas tree shirt would still be training and getting paid. Would you like them to come in to our country and rape and kill someone in your familyThis is a partial equilibrium analysis. Because healthcare to take care of drug abusers are in the billions of dollars.

Metallic Christmas tree ladies tee

Ladies tee

Would rather pay extra than let illegal immigrants through who would be on welfare and MedicaidLetting more and more drugs in, will cost way more than that. And besides, this Metallic Christmas tree shirt of a lot cheaper than supporting millions of illegals. BrYou morons should give up your addresses so these illegal aliens who are breaking the law can go to your house and you take care of them.

Metallic Christmas tree hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Metallic Christmas tree hoodie


That’s a small price to pay to save our country and the Metallic Christmas tree shirt to support all these illegals. And MRE’s but thats another story) It’s not like they are paying them overtime. Way cheaper than letting in all the illegals, feeding them, housing them, providing healthcare for them.

Metallic Christmas tree sweater


It will cost a lot more than that if you let the Invaders through build the Metallic Christmas tree shirt is already paying these soldiers. The savings in keeping these illegals out of our country will more than pay for this deployment. A drop in the bucket conpared to the cost of thousands of illegals we’ll end up paying for.


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