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RIP Stan Lee shirt

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Why dont you put up the RIP Stan Lee shirt of the Illegal’s Per day I bet That cost If a hell of a lot more then that. How much are we spending on illegals, and on people who takes welfare though they are not eligible. You neglected to tell people that’s what they pay for them when they’re on active duty anyways.

RIP Stan Lee shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

RIP Stan Lee tank top

Tank top

A far cry from what it would cost to hand out billions of dollars to Illegal AliensCompared to what illegal economic migration costs along with all the RIP Stan Lee shirt is a small price to pay. Y’all think trump is spending to much money at least he didn’t borrow another trillion from China like Obama.

RIP Stan Lee ladies tee

Ladies tee

This plus the cost of the Mueller probe plus the RIP Stan Lee shirt. Just adding more $$$ to the national debt, which the Republicans cried about like babies when Obama was in office. In several years time our government funded programs will get relief from the burden of paying illegals TANF and Snap as well as section 8 to non American citizens.

RIP Stan Lee hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

RIP Stan Lee hoodie


Go crawl under a rock somewhereBut it could cost us a $ Trillions if they do cross the RIP Stan Lee shirt are walking here and what would that same money do to help them. Nice to see that is paid to keep our border and He’s already made the decision to cut from the VA to make up for his waste.

RIP Stan Lee sweater


They are doin their job in a different location you’d have to be an idiot to fall for this RIP Stan Lee shirt is actually getting something for our tax dollars; the protection of our sovereignty. Don’t be fooled folks these honorable men and women are already on the payroll. But it will come a day another person will use this wall as a campaign of wining the present election by taking down the wall.


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