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Roman Reigns Christmas tree shirt

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I’m pretty sure border security is rather important and I have no problem with my tax dollars going towards keeping our country more secure at the border. I was always against the wall, but geez if they’re going to invade like this then I say add a few extra feet in height. Drop in the Roman Reigns Christmas tree shirt compared to how much it’ll cost us to keep 15,000 illegals.

Roman Reigns Christmas tree shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Roman Reigns Christmas tree tank top

Tank top

But please, let’s waste money and manpower to have them sit at the border for people that are still a month away. Our service people are being played and they are following the Deceptor in Chief. A drop in the Roman Reigns Christmas tree shirt compared to decades of social welfare given to them from my US citizen paycheck.

Roman Reigns Christmas tree ladies tee

Ladies tee

Let the Roman Reigns Christmas tree shirt pay for themThis is the most news I’ve heard about the caravan of invaders since prior to the election. So we do not want these people here they are trying to come in to our country illegally. But it not immigrants killing the Americans people it always American doing mass shootings so let get them out here’s.

Roman Reigns Christmas tree hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Roman Reigns Christmas tree hoodie


How much is spent on health care, housing, food for the Roman Reigns Christmas tree shirt will save billions of free government assistant for all these people that are expecting a handout. Those soldiers are getting paid regardless if they’re there or not so it’s money already spent.

Roman Reigns Christmas tree sweater


Wow CNN you truly are trash newsTrump is saving so much money everywhere else that Roman Reigns Christmas tree shirt is only pennies. Benefits to invaders will cost way more than the daily cost of troops on the border. And they will still the burn The American FlagAnd how much will it cost to feed, house, give education, prison reform, etc to all those thousands of illegal aliens invading our country.


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