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The Grinch I hate people shirt

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They are lying out there in The Grinch I hate people shirt with no power and little food. Better to spend money on our troops working than taking care of illegals and giving freebies to leeches for years to come. At least Trump sent them 15000 troops to set barbed wire to stop hungry desperate women and children.

The Grinch I hate people shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

The Grinch I hate people tank top

Tank top

It’s not like he’s flying billions in cash over to Iran and giving it to them. Thats $40K a year per caravan refugee, Why dont we just buy them each a house. Military gets paid The Grinch I hate people shirt protecting our border or playing cards in a State side barracks 2.

The Grinch I hate people ladies tee

Ladies tee

It is worth our Country to finally realize we protect so many Countries around The Grinch I hate people shirt is right to protect our Country at any cost from invaders. Any one unwilling to do so is not a true American but are a parasite in our society. It is shameful that so many are willing to support the demise of their own constitution.

The Grinch I hate people hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

The Grinch I hate people hoodie


Not bad, seeing as how The Grinch I hate people shirt is spending much more in support of illegal immigration. That could be better used for all the dems and illegals abusing the welfare system. The military spends the same amount of money per troop where ever they are in 98% of the Continental U.

The Grinch I hate people sweater


Instead this Idiot in the Whitehouse can’t do anything but think about his Image and his base. It’s amazing how you are all of a sudden bringing out the cost of anything when the Democrats don’t mind spending billions on nonsense. That’s much better than what it would cost in the long run to have 10k illegals entering our countrya drop in The Grinch I hate people shirt compared to what we spend to send them to other countries.


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