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The upside down shirt

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Albert Peterson it doesn’t matter how these babies are murdered the The upside down shirt is they are murdered. I had an abortion at 19 and it’s been the worst heartache of my life. How about actually reading the bill passed and stop depending on a compulsive liar for your factsAlan Williams I have four sons and several adopted sons along the way.

The upside down shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

The upside down shirt ladies tee Ladies tee

If both are healthy you’ll never find a doctor that The upside down shirt do it and if it’s only the mother that will be sick they’ll try operate at the earliest possible timeStop drinking the Kool aid. While the NY laws do permit to late term abortions for non medical reasons doctors have the right to conscientiously object. Michaela, this is the most thorough, though out, factual rebuttal to all the propagandist hysteria.

The upside down shirt Long sleeved Long sleeved

Sick of women who support babies until they are born and look at other women as breeding machines. Kathy Hageman if actions speak louder than words, how many unwanted babies have you adopted recently. Unless you agree with Dr Kermit Gosnell who is in prison for his tactics.

The upside down shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

The upside down shirt hoodie Hoodie

Kathy Hageman please stop commenting until you have researched & educated yourself on the The upside down shirt Educate yourself, you sound ridiculousKathy Hageman I’ve yet to meet a woman who has carried a baby full term and want to get rid of it as you say. Does OP literally think there are women going through the hell of 8 months of pregnancy and then are just like nah, nvm.

The upside down shirt sweater Sweater

It is your idiocy that The upside down shirt all while you wrap yourself in a cloak of superiority. Kathy Hageman I no longer believe, in those like you, who claim to be for children. No woman WANTS a late term abortion but when the mothers life is at risk it needs to be available.


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